Stomping on winter

One Saturday a few weeks ago, we got up early to head three hours north to Grand Rapids. We wanted to visit the Forest History Center for their special Stomping on Winter Day and still have time to get back to the Cities before a big snowstorm.

Selfie of the bottom half of two people wearing snowshoes.

I visited twice last year β€” once in June and once in October β€” and this sign makes more sense during winter!

Brown metal sign with a stick figure wearing snowshoes.

We started the day with a raptor show by Nature Connection from Bemidji

A woman smiling while holding a very small owl on her gloved hand, the bird facing her.

then headed outside.

Wood sign with carved, painted letters that say logging camp, with an arrow pointing left.

Snow-covered log building with greenery over the door.

We took a ride on a horse-drawn carriage

Assistant and driver behind two medium-brown horses.

went dogsledding

The front of a sled behind eight small, dark dogs going around a curve to the left.

and sledding down a hill

Selfie that is simply two boots in a bright green sled.

and even bowled with a frozen turkey.

An oblong object that is striking bowling pins, which are starting to fall.

We finished the day by showshoeing through the woods.

Facing a snow-covered path lined with pine trees.

Looking back at two paths of snowshoe tracks.

Facing up in the middle of dozens of tall, thin pine trees.

Tree-lined inlet of the Mississipi River.

Date of visit: February 24, 2018

More from the Forest History Center


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