Third Time’s a Charm?

Nearly three years ago, I began dreaming about traveling to all 87 of Minnesota’s counties and writing about the things I saw and the towns big and small. Two visits in (Brown County and Wabasha County) and I had lots of pictures and lots of notes but not enough time to write them up. Not to mention an overwhelming fear of missing something, which would be easy to do as one person trying to see it all in one day. Imagine trying to tell all there is to tell about Saint Paul — plus the 20 other cities and towns in Ramsey County — in just one post! I couldn’t imagine it.

At the beginning of this year, I tried again. But while I relaxed to one topic per post instead of one entire county, that attempt turned out to be little more than a Flickr gallery.

Here’s my third go. I’ll research ahead of time to make sure I don’t overlook the obvious, while remaining spontaneous enough to turn off at a sign that reads “Lincoln” even though Google knows of no town by that name. If I do miss something, I’ll try again it in a future trip. I’ve got stockpiles of photos from previous adventures, which I’ll support with facts and accounts I’ve found in brochures, on websites, and from people on the scene. And I’m excited to hit the road to discover more of the history and the future of the land of 10,000 lakes.

Come along for the ride.

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